Part of being a great jeweler is helping you protect your investment. To get the best protection, you must get an appraisal from someone qualified and someone you trust. Turn to Richardson Jewelers.

Richardson Jewelers offers appraisals of jewelry, diamonds, gemstones and watches that can be used for many different situations such as:

  • Insurance to cover loss, damage, or theft
  • Estate tax evaluation
  • Value comparison
  • Casualty loss
  • Dissolution of marriage (divorce)
  • Collateral
  • Barter purposes

We recommend a detailed appraisal every five years. Your appraisal will include:

  • A copy for your record
  • Testing and documentation
  • Gem identification
  • Grading analysis
  • A written value assessment for current retail, estate or liquidation purposes
  • A photograph of each piece for insurance (if requested)